5 Types of Exciting Adult Tech the Cam Industry has Given us

17 Feb 2023, 08:39


Two things advance technology more quickly than anything else: war and sex. Both are in perpetual demand, fueling technological innovations that we otherwise wouldn’t see.


It’s the latter that concerns us today and, chiefly, the wonderful world of free sex cams. As internet connections in general and live-streaming technology in specific have increased, cam sites have also grown in popularity and prestige. Twenty years ago, it would have been unthinkable to have a two-way live-streamed connection in full HD, but nowadays, it’s part and parcel of the cam scene.


And as camming becomes more popular, so too do increasingly inventive ways to get your rocks off while camming – and for the model to do so, too.


Let’s take a look at the five most exciting types of adult tech the cam industry has gifted to us, the humble wankers of the world.


Lovense Vaginal Vibrators


Lovense is so ubiquitous within the cam industry they almost need no further introduction. In the same way, nobody needs to tell us what a ‘coke’ is anymore; anyone who’s involved with the cam industry (whether a viewer or a performer) knows exactly what you mean when you talk about a Lovense.


The company’s vibrators are designed specifically for cam use, making them by far the best option on the market. They combine power, hygiene and ease of use to ensure that everybody has a great time. The genius of Lovense vibrators comes from the ability to calibrate them in line with the performer’s platform of choice, ensuring the vibrator goes off when customers tip – and the bigger the tip, the more powerful the vibration.


Lovense’s vibrators can even be used via Skype, making them feasible options for cam use and couples looking to work a little remote sex into their lives.


Shockspot Sex Machine



Sometimes, a vibrator simply isn’t getting the job done. Maybe a viewer wants to see the performer get fucked hard for his or her viewing pleasure, and that’s simply not possible with a tiny Lovense vibrator. What’s to be done?


Enter the Shockspot Sex Machine. This bad boy operates at a speed of 24 inches per second and penetrates to about 8 inches. The best part? It can be programmed to react to tips, increasing in both speed and intensity and making sure that viewers are really in the driving seat when it comes to controlling how hard a performer is getting fucked. Fantastic both for models and viewers alike.


Kiroo Keon + Pearl 2/Fuse


The two examples we’ve seen so far are fantastic webcam sex toys – for the performer. They don’t do a thing for the viewer, however, who has to make do with their hand – or their sex toy of choice if they’re being fancy.


The problem with that is, unlike the performer’s sex toy, the viewers aren’t typically synced to the action, which means they don’t feel like they’re fully a part of it.


The Kiroo Keon changes all of that. These sex toys (for the active partner) are designed to be synced over distance with the Pearl 2 or Fuse (for the receptive partner), so that each sex toy responds to how the other is being used.


What does that mean? Let's assume for a hot minute that you’re a guy who’s into cam sites. You can take your Kiroo Keon, slot your fleshlight of choice, and sync it with the performer’s Pearl 2 or Fuse. You start fucking your Keon – and the girl can feel it on her end as if you were fucking her. If she gives the dildo a hand/blowjob? You can feel it on your end as if she were there.


There are drawbacks, of course – you both require a Keon toy of the right type, so this is ideally suited for regulars that trust one another – but when it comes to virtual sex, it doesn’t get as verisimilitudinous as this.


Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine


The Shockspot is great for doggy style but struggles with other positions. Many guys like to see the girl (or guy) riding that cock, and for that, there’s the Cowgirl.


This one-size saddle has an easily washable surface of vegan leather (for when things get messy, which they quite often, presumably, will). It features a powerful vibrator built into the seat for ease of penetration. It can also be hooked up to cam shows (one user at a time, so private only) and can also be controlled via an app.


The vibrator head is removable and can be switched out for other kinds. If a viewer wants to see anal reverse cowgirling in a wild free teen cams session, that’s perfectly possible. For the performer, this also makes it very easy to keep clean.


Lovense Hush/Pledge

Returning to the best in the business once again, it’s time to look at the options for male or trans performers. Lovense has butt play covered with two powerful options – the Hush and the Pledge.

The Hush has around four insertable inches and powerful vibration technology that can be activated by tips, making it a fantastic option for viewer-activated stimulation. It also features a handle that ensures the toy can’t disappear up your ass (an occupational hazard for anyone invested in ass play).


The Pledge, on the other hand, offers much more penetration and stimulates the prostate and the perineum at the same time. This is by far the best option for performers whose viewers want to see as much penetration as possible – or who enjoy getting their prostate lit up like the 4th of July.



There are many more cam-friendly tech toys that I haven’t begun to cover here (there’s a whole world of remotely-activated fleshlights out there, for instance). Still, I hope that this has given you an idea of some of the awesome little toys that are out there and are great for stimulating everyone involved.


Give it another 20 years, and we won’t need to have sex with a real person ever again. OK, it sounds depressing when I put it like that.


Bottom line: virtual sex has got pretty awesome in recent years. And it only stands to get even better.

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